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The ESP32 package is suitable for those who want to learn IoT and other needs using the ESP32 MCU.

Package list :

1 pcs x Board ESP32
1 pcs x Modul DHT 11
1 pcs x Modul PIR
1 pcs x Modul RTC DS3231
1 pcs x Modul Relay 1 channel 5V
1 pcs x Modul Ultra Sonic
1 pcs x Module LCD Oled 0.96 inch
1 pcs x Breadboard 400 holes
2 pcs x LED Red 5mm
2 pcs x LED Green 5mm
2 pcs x LED Yellow 5mm
3 pcs x Push button 6mm
3 pcs x R 10 ohm
3 pcs x R 10K ohm
3 pcs x R 330 ohm
20 pin x Jumper Wire Male to Female
20 pin x Jumper Wire Female to Female
1 pcs x Box Plastic

Source code and tutorial :